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Interview von: arne mit Tony, am: 01.06.2011 ]

Die ADOLESCENTS laden ein zum Nostalgie-Trip, denn ihre neue Platte klingt so, als stamme sie aus den 80er Jahren, in die die Wurzeln der Gruppe zurück reichen. „The Fastest Kid Alive“ ist ebenso treffsicher und arschtretend wie es pointiert und überzeugend ausfällt. Egal, ob die vom Kampfjet auf dem Cover abgeworfenen Skateboard-Bomben nun die triste Großstadt-Metropole zerstören oder mit Farbe und Rebellion versehen sollen – bereits visuell stellen die ADOLESCENTS klar, dass sie nach wie vor dem Orange County-Skate-Punk frönen. Soto und Reflex setzen 15 Tracks, die allesamt Hymnen sind und dank ihrer intuitiv melodischen Anlage vom Fleck weg mitreißen.


Musicscan: Adolescents records are always quite personal, a familiar kind of thing, and so is the newest one. Do you have an explanation for the fact that your fans always can highly identify with your music and lyrics within no time?

Adolescents: It's the secret sauce. if i give it away, it will be on every burger.

Musicscan: You grew up in times when the punk scene was underground, it wasn’t all about images and hypes and bands had strong messages. How important was music for you in times like these and how important is it nowadays?

Adolescents: Has something changed? i ask because it sure feels underground to me.

Musicscan: The punk scene did change drastically in the past few years while getting more and more commercial. How did your personal view on music change through this, if it did? Would you say that you´re still part of this all or would you consider yourself as part of something completely different?

Adolescents: Nothing's changed for me, not really. Every 10 years there's a big explosion where 'punk' explodes into the mainstream, and then goes dormant but it doesn't change anything for my band. We have lived through three cycles of this.

Musicscan: Are Adolescents still “rebels”? What importance do politics and social topics have nowadays? Is it still that important after all these years with the band? Or did that somehow change or transform?

Adolescents: We still don't fit in with the other bands very well aesthetically, but we are easier to get along with because we like people and we like music. as far as i can tell nothing has changed in politics and social topics. people are still starving, corporations still rape them, and governments still bicker so that they can bomb each other.

Musicscan: Whether you’re going punkrock or punk'n'roll or pop-punk - it tends – or is told – to be a youth oriented movement. Would you agree, and how do you stay young in the genre?

Adolescents: Not really, we start as youth but pursue our interests for a lifetime.

Musicscan: I do not know why, but Adolescents always was an underground-band, but the people who did know you became diehard fans. Do you have an explanation for these two phenomenon?

Adolescents: I think that people appreciate that we still make the kind of records that we want to listen to, and perhaps others like that, too. I don't think we'll ever have a song so huge that we could retire, but then, we enjoy playing music, so I suppose it doesn't really matter.

Musicscan: A lot of bands change their sound over time, but much to your credit Adolescents has kept the successful sound your fans have grown to love. Is it hard to stay true to that sound or do you guys just play what feels right?

Adolescents: It's the secret sauce.

Musicscan: Lastly, what has been your proudest moment being in Adolescents so far?

Adolescents: Watching Steve get on stage in Brazil after part of his thumb was surgically removed two hours earlier, and blasting out a set like it was no big deal, while I cringed on the inside. He makes me proud every day.

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