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Kill Division

Interview von: arne mit Susan, am: 06.10.2013 ]

Der Titel „Destructive Force“ eignet sich hervorragend, das Anliegen der Niederländer auf den Punkt zu bringen. Prägnante Riffs und Drums, markige Vocals und ein brutaler Sound: das Debüt des Metal Blade-Zugangs KILL DIVISION hinterlässt mit seiner bissigen Härte, den Headbang-Grooves und geschickten Tempo- und Stil-Verschiebungen einen fokussierten, überzeugenden Eindruck.


Musicscan: On facebook you state “If you like your Metal authentic then welcome to the force that is Kill Division.” Would it be fair to say your band is following some kind of DIY-attitude and traditional "extreme-crossover-approach" in between thrash, grind and death?

Kill Division: It’s fine by us if you want to describe it that way. We’ve always played the kind of music we liked and never followed one genre in particular.

Musicscan: What exactly is your definition of authentic metal? And are many bands around that aren't authentic nowadays?

Kill Division: Authentic music / metal is when you play it from the heart and don’t want to look or sound like so and so. Every now and then you see bands which try too hard to look and sound like another successful act and they try to copy that, but lose the point in doing so: playing this music because you love it and not because you want to be popular or earn some extra money.

Musicscan: Do you care about fitting into a certain scene or genre? Which bands you feel connected with and why?

Kill Division: Yes and no..... We do realise that people always want to label a band, hence the death/grind/thrash description, but if people feel the need to label us otherwise they’re free to do so. People who know me know that Carcass has always been my favourite band. They, and Bill Steer in particular, have had a huge impact on what I’ve been doing for the past twenty years. In the summer of 1993 I started playing the guitar and in that same year Carcass’s Heartwork album was released, so that was a huge incentive for me to keep practising, because I wanted to be able to play like that too. Richard and Roel really like Slayer, Morbid Angel, Terrorizer, because of the great riffage and drums.

Musicscan: How did you develop the style Kill Division is playing, and what impressed and convinced you, when you discovered it?

Kill Division: First of all, we didn’t discover this style. This is the music all three of us love, grew up with and have been playing for some decades. For us this music is something that’s in our blood and runs through our veins.

Musicscan: How was it to start this new band? How did your experiences from Legion of the Damned, God Dethroned, Asphyx, and Inhume contribute?

Kill Division: We formed Kill Division as a project in 2010 and it was great to start something new and work together in this line-up, since all three of us like the classic ‘three-piece’ line up. Our experiences from previous bands have helped us a lot when it comes to the practical sides of running a band and also when it comes to writing a decent song.

Musicscan: What lessons have you learned from being involved with the heavy and extreme underground for many years now? What has it done for you, and what fuels your fire to continue and even to start this new band? What do you want to accomplish with Kill Division that has not been possible with your previous/other bands?

Kill Division: Playing this kind of music has always been a great outlet for all three of us. Richard had this idea of forming Kill Division for many years prior and we always wanted to play together, so when I was without a band in 2010 we took up the idea again of playing together, contacted Roel (because he’s a friend of ours) and that’s when Kill Division was formed. We took things very easy from there on and that was good since there was no pressure to write or record the songs, so we had plenty of time to write and re-write the material for the ‘Destructive Force’ CD.

Musicscan: Regarding Destructive Force I would speak of an aggressive and rough heavy album. I like to think your style of play is based on intuition, gut instinct and impulsiveness, less on planning and technique… Do you like this summary, and is it close to what you are doing?

Kill Division: The songs are all well thought of. We don’t just throw together a couple of riffs. We thought of a logical structure for each and every song. However, certain parts are played the way they come out naturally such as my leads for example: they are not consciously played according to a certain scale or key, but they simply have to sound good.

Musicscan: What stands out in your mind about the chemistry of the writing and recording of Destructive Force? How did this contribute to the overall sound and feel of the album?

Kill Division: The chemistry between the three of us. Richard and Roel have played together in Inhume and Roel and I have played together in God Dethroned. In my first band (Catafalque) we had gigs together with Inhume on a very regular basis so back then I played indirectly with Roel and Richard. We always talked to each other at gigs. So we’ve all known each other for many years, always played this style of music and we get along really well and that definitely contributed to the overall feel and sound of this album.

Musicscan: Of all the songs you’ve chosen to be on Destructive Force what song do you feel is the most representative of all the facets of the band and of what you want Kill Division to be known for?

Kill Division: The title track of course and Locked Up Forever: both songs have a great combination of brutality and melody, fast and slow parts. I also like the lyrics of these songs a lot.

Musicscan: As far as lyrical themes go, for anyone who's unfamiliar with them, could you give us a little insight into it, please.

Kill Division: They deal with every-day life situations, observations or personal experiences. I wrote all the lyrics for this album. Locked Up Forever for example was written after I had seen an interview with Natascha Kampusch in which she described what had happened to her in her years of captivity. The lyrics for Mechanic Domination are inspired on the ‘I Robot’ movie and deal with our dependence on technology. Destructive Force is an observation of what’s going on around us on a daily basis.

Musicscan: Do you feel that Kill Division has found its “own” sound already, or is it still evolving? Which is the direction you are heading for by choice? What comes to table naturally by evolution?

Kill Division: Like said before: this is the music we’ve all been playing for years and years so we can definitely say that we have our own sound.

Musicscan: Every band has a vision of how their songs should sound like after the recording: Listening to Destructive Force right now: Would you say that this was a successful mission or would you even say that you have been able to surprise yourself? If this is the case – in how far?

Kill Division: We are very satisfied with the way this album sounds! Both Toneshed studio and Stage One studio have captured and understood what we wanted this album to sound like and they have really succeeded in producing an album for us that we are extremely happy with! When it comes to surprising ourselves I think that recording the vocals was the biggest challenge and surprise at the same time: both Richard and I are first and foremost guitarists and didn’t have any experience with recording our vocals this way (I used to do some additional vocals with my previous bands but had never recorded any vocals for a full length CD). We were really well-prepared and had practised our singing a lot beforehand, but we were still really surprised how smoothly the recordings went and the way our voices sounded like on CD.

Musicscan: What are the feelings you get out of what you are doing with Kill Division, and is there something you want the people / listeners to leave with?

Kill Division: Pride! We are very proud of this CD and hope that others are going to like it as much as we do. So if you’re into fast, brutal music with a melodic touch every now and then listen to our album!

Musicscan: How did the deal with Metal Blade come about, and were they sort of your first choice, or did it just sort of fall into place?

Kill Division: They were definitely our first choice and we’re absolutely chuffed that we’ve signed a deal with them! Roel and I had worked with them before when we played in God Dethroned and we knew that they are a very professional and dedicated label, so we approached them and it worked out really well.