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25 Ta Life

Interview von: arne mit Rick Ta Life, am: 14.12.2003 ]

Die Alben von 25 Ta Life heißen "The Spirit Remains", "Friendship, Loyalty, Commitment", "Best Of Friends/Enemies" (Age Of Venus/03) und “Haterz Be Damned” (Back Ta Basics/03). Hier bekommt man, was die Titel versprechen. Es gibt brutalen New York Hardcore, der vor Intensität geradezu übersprudelt und längst Kult ist. Nach einer kleineren Pause ist die Band um Szene-Ikone Rick Ta Life wieder zurück und war gleich wieder auf Euro-Tour mit Right 4 Life.


Musicscan: why did you especially choose the winter time to go on tour? it's not as comfortable as a summer-tour...

25 Ta Life: we wanted to hook everyone up with an early christmas present ha ha

Musicscan: how did it happen that right 4 live are chosen to do a tour with 25 ta life?

25 Ta Life: 25/rfl have been boys for years this tour has been in the works for years

Musicscan: what do you like about right for life and their ny hardcore style?

25 Ta Life: like 25 /.rfl are tried and remain true weve both paid our dues over and over again both dedicated to the hardcore scene both proud hardcore bands ,im very happy to share the stage with them ,, like in the past

Musicscan: you surely have your expactations for this tour to come. tell me a bit about it, please.

25 Ta Life: hey its a chance to do more traveling spend more time with our friends band ya know check out some new bands meet some old and new friends ,, and spread the hardcore lifestyle message ,, the struggle with be right in your face smacking you with reality

Musicscan: 25 ta life and right for life as well seem to be very busy concerning touring this year. am i right? what does being on tour mean to you?

25 Ta Life: keeping active spreading our message thats what a band does

Musicscan: what is it like to play your songs in front of a crowd?

25 Ta Life: its a great release a great way to vent our frustatration ,, its either be in a bamnd of fucking kill someone and go to jail ya know

Musicscan: does it make a difference to your appereance on stage if there are only a few people showing up to see you?

25 Ta Life: hey wether its 5 or 10 people , 500 to 1000, we always try and give it our best ,, we played a few practices on stage before ya know who hasnt ,,damn those fuckin promotors do it yourself ,, ha ha

Musicscan: i sometimes think there is again some kind of u-turn into old school hardcore these days. i mean those modern bands like terror, give up the ghost or champion are very popular at the moment. is it easier for more traditional hardcore bands to find their listeners?

25 Ta Life: hey to each there own ,, remember its all about there five letters unity

Musicscan: right for life as well as 25 ta life are known for their good live shows? is this something that challenges you?

25 Ta Life: sometimes waking up early is a challenge ,, but hey who doesnt love a challenge

Musicscan: is there something you want the people to leave your shows with?

25 Ta Life: yes a split lip or a broken eye ha ha im kidding ,hopefully they will leave the show ,and be able to handle a few more days of life ya know, and hopefully want to get involved and do something to keep the scene alive, start a band help book a show anything to help keep it alive

Musicscan: what was the weirdest thing a fan has ever done during a live gig you played?

25 Ta Life: the crazy illest shit yo ,, once we had these 2 girls , flashing us in poland they kept showing us there tits ,kissing each other fondling each other and they told our tour manager they would sleep with him for a 25 ta life shirt ha ha dirty whores who doesnt lovem ,,that was funny,, then we just toured cali, nov 2003. and we had these 2 girls it was there birthdays and they kept telling us they love anal sex ,, our boys in doomsday device had a huge tour bus which i called it the bus on sin ,, which had a huge bed in the back of the bus it was crazy ,ill shit went on ,, we played this bar and it was all old rocker ladies from the 80s ,, on sunset blvd in the strip they thought we were motley crue of winger and they were thrashing why we played flashing us ,,the crazy ness then once we played this show in europe and we did crucified and we had like 20 nazis saluting us thats always fun , then theres times when we do the iron cross turned a/f classic .crucified and girls and emo kids bring me flowers so i mean theres been moments , those walmarkt kodak moments, ya know

Musicscan: it looks like both bands are very experienced with tough situations. like "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger." am i right? what's your attitude towards this whole hardcore-thing?

25 Ta Life: Its like biohazard said on the new records dawgs its kill or be killed. hatebreed wrote it perserverence. 50 cent said yo if you fuck with me Im a kill you. Dmx said a yo what comes out your mouth will get you shot down, and I saying we re a hardcore band and its fucking hard. Yo seriously fellas we have a new cd out. “best of friends/enemies” as well as a new cd out late 2003 called “haterz be damned” its 21 songs old, new and rare tracks, so keep an eye out for that as well as the new btb site www.backtabasics.com and the new releases.

Musicscan: something you would like to mention?

25 Ta Life: thank you for your support guys well see you on tour. bring your sisters to the shows. thanks.

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