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Burning Skies

Interview von: arne mit Liam, am: 29.08.2004 ]

“Murder By Means Of Existence” von Burning Skies aus Bristol ist ein wahres Killeralbum und zurecht wird das Quintett auf der Insel als beste Death-Core Band des Landes abgefeiert. Eine kompromisslosere Verschmelzung von Hardcore und Metal gab es selten!


Musicscan: give our readers a short briefing about burning skies, please. is there something that we HAVE to know about?

Burning Skies: We formed in September 2002 and completed the lineup a few months later. We recorded a demo in January 2003 and we have our debut album out on Lifeforce Records. You probably need to know that i have a big wart on my face at the moment so if you see me it`s probably best you don`t get too close.

Musicscan: what's your self-understanding of burning skies? what does your band stands for? what are goals you are reaching for?

Burning Skies: We`re all about writing songs that we would want to listen to. It`s not about following trends for us, we have melodic bits but no big catchy singy chorus` coz we`re not realy into that. We just want to be able to get out and play to people all over the place. That`s the best bit about doing this.

Musicscan: the musical mix of death- and metalcore-parts seems to be very popular at the moment. just tell me a bit about your motivation to play especially this heavy and technical kind of music, please.

Burning Skies: It`s the sort of thing we listen to at home. If we were doing another mix of genres our hearts wouldn`t be in it so it`d be pointless.

Musicscan: what do you think of the fact that the only really extreme thing to come out of the underground scene nowadays is the music? there seems only small room for critical ideas or important statements nowadays...

Burning Skies: I still see bands who are writing about issues close to their heart in their lyrics. There`s a few bands who seem to write lyrics that they think will make them look cool and that`s a bit sad i think.

Musicscan: could you imagine another way to get rid of your frustration and aggression besides being in an extreme metal-hc outfit?

Burning Skies: I wouldn`t have to ever substitute playing for something else but if i had to then i`d probably have to have lots of sex. Or i might buy a trampoline. Or i might do sex on the trampoline.

Musicscan: What lessons have you learned from being involved with the heavy music scene? What has it done for you?

Burning Skies: The scene`s been extremely good to us and there`s a lot of great bands around at the moment. There`s a lot of nice people involved in this scene from all different backgrounds and i think it`s very healthy.

Musicscan: your sound is really powerfull and highly metallic as well. what is your intention to create that particular sound or does it just happen?

Burning Skies: After we`d experimented early on with different sounds we knew where we were heading and it was just a question of writing then.

Musicscan: when you were writing the "murder by means..." songs did you have certain issues you specifically wanted to address? how did you go about writing the songs?

Burning Skies: We spent a year writing. We wrote the music first and recorded that down and then Merv(vocals) wrote thelyrics. I guess he addressed the issues which were on his mind at the time of writing.

Musicscan: did you have something like a vision in mind when you started working on the new material that should become your debut?

Burning Skies: When we first started out we experimented a bit more than on the album but we were just searching for our sound. With the album i feel we found it. It was just narrowing down to what we do best and using that.

Musicscan: how can you explain someone what is typical for the burning skies sounding? what sets you apart?

Burning Skies: We incorporate a lot of the different things we love about metal/hardcore.I think the worst thing we can do is pigeonhole ourselves. I like to think that`s enough diversity on the album for everyone to appreciate something on there.

Musicscan: your band name is kind of negative sounding, so are some of your lyrics. why did you choose to go this directon?

Burning Skies: Maybe the lyrics are a little negative at times but it`s reflecting a view and a lot of the things that happen in this world are negative. I don`t think our lyrics offer a solution, it`s just observation.

Musicscan: do you take life as an everyday struggle?

Burning Skies: It depends on what`s happened. If i`m at work then yes. If it`s the weekend then no!

Musicscan: what is the thing concerning the band and its music you guys feel especially proud of?

Burning Skies: When people really dig what we`ve written. Especially since we put a lot of hard work into the album. We spent a year writing and at times it was stressful but we`re really pleased with the end result.

Musicscan: you are going to play some tour on the european mainland soon. what are you expactations for this upcoming tour?

Burning Skies: Hopefully we`ll be able to see a few friends and make a few new ones. Get to see a bit more of the world and try to avoid the crazy drivers you`ve got over there.

Musicscan: what kind of feeling is it to play your songs in front of a crowd?

Burning Skies: The best feeling. Especially when you see that people are really enjoying it.

Musicscan: something you would like to mention at the end?

Burning Skies: Thanks for the interview. Our album`s out now and we`ll be over in october so make sure to come out and say hi.

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