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Johnny Truant

Interview von: arne mit Stuart Hunter, am: 23.03.2006 ]

Mit “In The Library Of Horrific Events“ legten Johnny Truant im letzten Jahr eine der explosivsten und spannendsten Platten im Sektor zwischen Screamo, Post-Rock und metallischer, chaotischer Hardcore-Momente vor. Grund genug für ein Kurzinterview mit der englischen Formation.


Musicscan: What has Johnny Truant currently been up to beside releasing In The Library Of Horrific Events and touring Europe? Give us a short briefing, please.

Johnny Truant: Since doing the Alexisonfire tour we've generally been initiating Al into the band, He recently joined on second guitar and during our UK tour back in November the red headed Scot has more than proven himself to be a true Truant.

Musicscan: How did you get on this tour with Alexisonfire and what have been your experiences on it? How did people react on your band? Most of them got in contact with Johnny Truant for the first time I guess...

Johnny Truant: That tour was great for us, Alexisonfire are such fantastic people and the crowds response across Europe was better than we could have imagined, we never try to fit into something, we just do our thing, we love playing to new crowds just to see their reaction.

Musicscan: Your album is kind of a very diverse one mixing more groovy parts with Lots of speed and aggression. How did you find this sound and how long you had to practice on it? I mean, it's complex and very technical...

Johnny Truant: When i'm writing it's usually a reflection of what’s going on in my life at the time, it kinda comes out that way, I guess if I come up with a riff or part of music that really hits me its because i'm feeling that way, otherwise I might dismiss it. Life isn't straight-forward and therefore neither is our music.

Musicscan: What did you guys do differently with the songs for Johnny Truant that you hadn't done with your previously bands to keep things progressing for yourself, now that you got more mature on your instruments?

Johnny Truant: The writing process for this album was a lot quicker and to the point, we all worked a lot better together as a band, and I think it sounds a lot more solid in general

Musicscan: How do most songs come to be? What's the writing process like? How long does it take, on average, to finish a song?

Johnny Truant: For most of the songs I will come up with the main composition, then the rest of the guys come in and we rip it apart and play around with ideas, all this time Olly will be structuring his lyrics around the music. Sometimes we can be playing around with a song for months, others we have ready in hours.

Musicscan: How important is this technical aspect of writing for Johnny Truant? Have there been any difficulties or obstacles during the songwriting or recording process?

Johnny Truant: We never try to be technical for the sake of being technical, whatever fits or conveys a part well. We just like to keep things interesting whether it be technical or not.

Musicscan: What message were you trying to portray through In The Library Of Horrific Events lyrically? Do you feel you were successful in this respect? Unfortunately I only received a cardsleeve promo...

Johnny Truant: It’s an album I think allot of people will related to, there's allot going on, a metal roller coaster if you will. Get pissed, get stoned, whatever you do and fucking rock out til you puke.